OME: Exiting Chemicals

OME are exicting chemicals with great perspectives. They are highly attractive fuel components and environmentally bening versatile solvents. The full range of applications is still to be explored.

OME can be produced from natural gas or renewable resources and open a highly promising new route in GTL (gas-to-liquid) technology (i.e. turing natural gas into liquid fuels).

The OME Challenge

OME is presently no commodity. Suppliers just begin to appear on the market and there are many different competing technologies for producing OME, whith new approaches being suggested at high pace. Players entering the field should look for partners with long-standing reknown expertise. OME Technologies has leading independent experts in the field at your service.

OME: Poly(oxymethylene)dimethylethers

OME stands for Poly(oxymethylene)dimethylethers. Hence, OME is not a single substance but a class of substances. The possibility to tune the chain lenght of the OME oligomers provides additional degrees of freedom.

Formula: OME